The Two Kingdoms: Of the Ungodly Power and of the Cowardly Retreat by Bojidar Marinov

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When a few weeks ago the Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli spoke to a group of 250 pastors assuring them that the churches are not only permitted but also expected to speak on political issues, and thus encouraged the pastors to give “guidance on issues that fall in the political world,” he didn’t do anything the Reformed theological tradition disapproves of. To the contrary, by doing that, Cuccinelli followed in the footsteps of those government magistrates in the Bible of whom Calvin says that are praised for “taking care that religion flourished under them in purity and safety.”

Indeed, if the church is instructed to speak to governors and kings (Matt.10:18), then every governor or king that encourages the church to speak to him and advise him in his policies is obedient to his Biblical mandate in his calling before God. Whatever Cuccinelli’s personal reasons for his encouragement to pastors could be, his call must be praised highly by the church as an example for Biblically obedient magistrates, and the pastors must be strongly admonished to take Cuccinelli’s advice.


  • http://Website William Donelson

    Thank you for the fine food for thought.
    Why not contact the SBC seminaries directly and dialogue on this issue?
    Hopefully the discussion will be more than speaking AT one another, and but will be speaking WITH one another about what the biblical text says!
    Christians must impact the culture, to plow up the stoney ground so to speak, and make it more open to the Gospel !
    Keep up the fine work.