Easter: Holy Day, or Idolatrous Sabbath Desecration?

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Is Easter a holy day? The answer is simple. No, because it is not part of God’s law. By the nature of the case, something is holy because it derives from the Holy God.

Thus since God is the source of holiness, when men attempt to make something holy (such as Easter)–and therefore do what only God can do–they attempt to be gods themselves. So we can say from the outset that Easter is idolatrous.

(Some hold that Easter’s origins trace back to a pagan holiday in honor of the goddess Ostara. If true, this would not be surprising, but even if it isn’t, in its idolatry Easter as we know it is pagan in practice.)

Celebrating Easter in corporate worship is also idolatrous, as it violates the regulative principle of worship.


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